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Our Consular Application Processing System (CAPS) is modelled around the day-to-day operations of a consular services office. The software’s modular architecture allows for expansion by combining modules (Registration, Passport and/or Visa/Permits) without the need for complete reconfiguration. At the heart of CAPS is a document management and workflow system which provides all the features required to create, manage, archive and search the underlying database. CAPS is designed to add value to the consular process by minimising the manual interventions associated with the handling and processing of applications.


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Key Features

We work with foreign missions, immigration and border management agencies to improve security and travel facilitation. Our widely used consular management system, enhances the screening of travellers, by reducing time consuming consular processes. The software incorporates some of the key features below, with data and traveller privacy at the core of operations.

Interactive Application Forms

Designed for ease of use, our electronic forms combine real-time data validation, error correction and help text to facilitate data integrity, with no extensive learning curve.

Smart Payment Verification

Perform automatic verification of cash-less payments. The system identifies discrepancies between amounts received and the cost of the services requested.

Dynamic Reporting

Generate pre-defined and ad-hoc reports on-the-fly. Drill-down queries can also be created, saved and executed and sliced and diced against the database.

Robust Document Management

All processing is carried out electronically meaning that all communication (notes, email, text messages etc) are saved along with the application file in real-time.

Auto Appointment Booking

Appointment are automatically booked for applications that require an interview. An option to amend the booking is also sent to the applicant with details.

Stable, Secure and Fail-Safe

The system's configuration offers complete redundancy in communication links, and eliminates complete service interruption due to failure in any of its core services.

Payment Processing

CAPS comes preconfigured for cashless payments. The online payment service is integrated into the software for real-time access and payment processing.

Secure Applicant Screening

Identify ‘black listed’ applicants in the interest of security and safety. All applicants are automatically cross-checked against the 'Persons of Interest' & 'Stop List' registers.

Workflow & Messaging

With a robust workflow and notification engine and an extensive messaging template library, e-mails, letter or SMS and linked actions can be performed with ease.

Granular Security Privileges

Designed with highest level of user privilege and access rights in mind, CAPS is equipped with strict auditing regimes and the latest data encryption technology.

Intelligent Image Recognition

Support decision making by securely cross-checking images from previous applications to find unique results related to your search, and more information.

Low Bandwidth Performance

The scalable services architecture is reliable and designed to support and provide un-interrupted connection for low bandwidth and high latency internet and networks.

…and more industry leading features.

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