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Tailored support solutions to reflect service needs

We combine technical expertise with strategic thinking to ensure our clients gain maximum advantage and value from their IT investment. Our first class IT support services are designed to take advantage of cutting-edge solutions and industry best practice to help your business succeed. Our technical support team have years of knowledge and constantly undergo extensive training to support their growth and development plans. Together, we work help you thrive by implementing reliable technology solutions to maximise your revenue and support the growth of your business.

Our IT support services

Managed IT Services

This service is designed for businesses who want a broad range of solutions and services in a single “pay-as-you-use” package”. We custom deliver and support your complete technology solutions so you can focus on your day to day activities without the burden of having a technical team on-site. Avlos can provide:

Managed Web Hosting Services including site design and support;

Managed Security Services including data encryption, disaster recovery and business continuity;

Network Management and VPN Services including user privileges, access control and mobile access;

Bespoke Software Application(s) as required to support effective use of the solution and services;

Services upgrades, maintenance, user training and Support.

IT Procurement

For businesses seeking to maximise the potential of new technology, procurement is complex, and necessitates specialist knowledge. We can manage all aspects of your procurement process, and maximise it’s value to your organisation. We work with all parties to create strategic and long term partnerships with our clients.

Developing technical specifications to meet organisational needs;

Managing all Information Technology procurement processes;

Developing and maintaining appropriate risk management and reduction strategies;

Working with legal advisers to link requirements with contracts and other facets;

Assisting with evaluation and selection of strategic partners including the establishment of effective monitoring and review regime for all goods and services.

Project Management

Delivering complex systems and technology to support your business strategy can be challenging. This process requires solid leadership and technical skills. We provide experienced and certified Project Managers to work on complex IT projects. We have a strong track record for delivering in this area on time, to specification and within budget.

Complete management of the entire project from inception to delivery of agreed outcomes;

Ensuring that appropriate governance, quality assurance and risk processes are in place for the project;

Reviewing your project against industry standard benchmarks such as the Office for Government Commerce (OGC) Framework;

Working with organisations to ensure that project undertaken fits in with wider business needs and goals.

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